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The synapses pulse
Distorting ideas of true imitation
Creations repulse
Enforcing the feeling that's always impeding
Intrepid, yet undecided
Incoherent scrawls across this page
We break away
exploring surroundings, so sick of expounding
With no delay
We refine this process, this rhythmic abscess fails
This infection's a perfection
Pull away from this rejection
Birth inside resolving the weakness
Silence the inner demon
Draining the thoughts away
Crawling along the line
Fearing the worst again
Feigning the hope to try
Persistent word
Eclipses failure
Repeating time
Can cause the change
But in the end, the emptiness remains
My words start disappearing from the page
No matter how much I try to remember
It never comes back, I'm forced to surrender
The mystery, this absence of memory
There must be something out there that can aid me
Why have I built these walls?
This nightmare has become my downfall


released 16 September 2013
Music & Lyrics: Stealing Axion
Mix & Master: Acle Kahney
Art: Kimi K Kurbanova



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